The Dremel scroll saw 1800 is an 18-inch throat depth station that has an LED work light and uses a blower that is flexible, making the table clean when it is being used. This is a tool that makes construction work very easy and almost effortless. I bought one for my father and he has been happy with it ever since.


The Key Features Of Dremel Scroll Saw 1800

This model is an innovation of many other kinds of saws created in the past. And the difference of this model from the others is that the former makes use of the amazing advancements in technology at present age.

LED is a material that was created in replacement of LCD for television sets. It is a kind of lighting that is bright and does not heat up easily. It consumes less electricity, making it the more energy efficient material. It makes the owner of the scroll see better, work better and save a little extra.

Another good thing that I like about the Dremel 1800 is its controls. The controls are all located at the front part of the tool. These controls are very smooth and they are all very much protected from the sawdust that comes from the woods that it cuts.


Why Dremel Scroll Saw 1800 Is Better Than Others

When I was little, I used to see my father use that old scroll of his. And every now and then, it becomes a little rusty that it has to be changed with another blade. I remember my father doing this and struggling, and me getting scared that he might cut a finger or two on the process. There seems to be no other way to change the blades at that time.

And now that that my father has his new Dremer scroll, there is a far easier way to change the blade with harming himself or his body parts. Regardless of the blades, whether it is a pin-type or a plate-type, the same is very easy to change in the new model of Dremel’s.

The reason that it is a lot easier to change the blades with this 1800 model is that the plated blade clamp at the lower part of the saw gives room for the blade to be seen when changing the blades.


Capacity Of The 1800 Model

As mentioned above, this model has an 18-inch throat capacity. It also has a 90-degree blade that rotates. This makes cutting big pieces of woods possible to be sawed. I checked the market for a possibly better quality or better value for money. But the others are only offering a 16-inch throat at the maximum. This 2-inch difference is a big thing when it comes to cutting larger pieces of wood.

On top of this feature, the 1800 model of Dremel scroll also has a sanding disk measured at five inches.  This rotates well and has enough torque for bigger sanding jobs, that is, provided that there was a proper adjustment of the speed control of the machine.


Buying Dremel Scroll

Dremel Scroll SawAnyone who wants to purchase this saw may go to its shops or website and purchase directly from there. That is what I do.